Sumona Chakravarti, known for her role in The Kapil Sharma Show, recently underwent a transformative 10-day Vipassana course at a meditation center. The actress described it as both the most difficult and the most profound experience of her life.

Taking to Instagram, Sumona urged her followers to consider trying the Vipassana course at least once in their lifetime. She disclosed that her decision to take the course was driven by a desire to disconnect from the world and recharge herself mentally.

Sharing her insights from the course, she stated, “For the first time ever, I did the 10 Day Vipassana course. These 10 days were hard & by far the most difficult days probably in my life. And yet it has been the most beautiful & sublime. A profound experience.”

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Sumona Chakravarti has been on a quest for self-discovery since 2011, trying various methods to find inner peace and understanding. However, Vipassana, with its non-sectarian nature, resonated deeply with her. Regardless of one’s background, faith, or beliefs, the Vipassana technique is accessible to all, aiming to purify the mind through an experiential process.

Encouraging others to give it a chance, Sumona emphasized, “We all deal with negative thoughts, suffering, are miserable at some point in our lives for something or the other. So here is a tool that I along with millions across the world have come across & experienced that will help with it all. So why not give it a shot, just 1 try. After 10 days you can decide for yourself if you want to accept it in your life or not. It’s up to you.”

The actress had previously announced her temporary absence from social media before embarking on the course, without mentioning any specific reasons. However, she returned on Monday to share her profound experience and encourage others to explore this form of mental detox.

While Sumona did not accompany The Kapil Sharma Show team for their recent international shows, her Vipassana journey seems to have been a significant and meaningful one for her.

Vipassana, a centuries-old meditation technique, continues to attract people from various walks of life, seeking mental and spiritual growth without any barriers to religion or belief systems.