Sushant Divgikr stars as Cora in the ‘Marvel Wastelanders: Star Lord’ series on Audible. The audio series also features Saif Ali Khan, Vrajesh Hirjee, Anangsha Biswas, and others. It was released last month and has been receiving positive feedback from listeners.

To prepare for the role, Sushant Divgikr drew inspiration from Alexa. “This was one of my more challenging projects as I had to portray a recorder, and my references were Alexa and Siri. Additionally, I needed to establish a unique reference point for this character, as it’s a new addition to the Marvel Indian universe and part of a larger series. Cora serves as the character who documents everything happening in the series and interacts with co-stars, so it was an enjoyable experience,” says Sushant.

Being known for their popular drag avatar, Rani KoHEnur, Sushant further adds, “If it were an easy task, I wouldn’t have taken it up in the first place. As a transgender artist with limited opportunities, if it were a simple role, I would have waited for another opportunity. But the positive aspect is that now we have a transgender representative in the Marvel India universe, which is a significant achievement. I believe it marks the beginning of something magical.”

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Storytelling is an integral part of Indian culture with a long history. Did being part of Marvel’s storytelling evoke any childhood memories? Sushant reminisces, “As Indians, storytelling has always been ingrained in our culture. In my Arya Samaj school, we learned shlokas and satsang in our dharam shiksha class, and we were not just reciting them but also understanding the stories behind each shloka. Those memories come rushing back to me.”

They further explain that such childhood teachings foster curiosity and the habit of questioning. Sushant expresses, “I continuously ask questions, even during poojas because it’s crucial to comprehend what is being said. Even during weddings, I believe people should inquire about what the pandit ji is saying. My parents always encouraged me to ask questions, which has made me a perpetually curious individual.

Of course, there are certain things I might not understand, and that’s okay because we keep learning every day. I don’t come from a background that communicates as eloquently in English. My father taught me to learn at least two words from the dictionary every day, find their Hindi translation and synonyms, and use them in sentences. I had to learn this on my own since both my parents were working and had limited time to teach me. I’ve learned from various experiences in life, and now I get to be a Marvel character, so I’m embracing it all.”