Bollywood superstar Anushka Sharma, known for her remarkable acting prowess, has carved her path as one of the highest-paid actresses in the industry. Interestingly,Anushka Sharma’s Brother, an accomplished producer, has also been making significant strides in the film world, delivering several hit movies over the past decade. The talented duo co-founded the highly successful production house, Clean Slate Filmz.

In recent business development, Clean Slate Filmz has inked a lucrative deal with two major OTT giants, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video, reportedly worth a staggering Rs 400 crore. Under this groundbreaking agreement, the production house is all set to release a total of eight films on popular digital platforms. This collaboration has created a buzz among cinephiles, eagerly awaiting the announcement of the exciting new OTT releases.

The first film released as part of this monumental deal was titled “Qala,” which took the streaming platforms by storm, receiving both commercial success and critical acclaim. The movie’s mesmerizing music played a crucial role in its success. With the massive triumph of “Qala,” anticipation is building for the upcoming projects by Clean Slate Filmz.

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Anushka Sharma, known not only for her acting but also for her producing skills, took her first step into the world of film production in 2013, jointly with her brother Karnesh. The company has come a long way since then, amassing an impressive revenue of Rs 100 crore. Their debut production venture, the critically acclaimed “NH10,” starring Anushka herself, may not have had extraordinary box office collections, but it remains hailed as one of the finest action thrillers in recent years. Following the success of “NH10,” Clean Slate Filmz continued to shine with films like “Phillauri” in 2017 and “Pari” in 2018.

Diversifying its presence, the production house recently forayed into the digital landscape with the release of “Bulbul,” a captivating film currently streaming on Netflix. Moreover, Karnesh Sharma’s latest venture, “Qala,” available on the same platform, has garnered widespread appreciation and is notable as the debut film of the talented Babil, son of the late actor Irrfan Khan.

Clean Slate Filmz’s ambitious projects don’t stop there. The much-awaited “Chakda Xpress,” featuring the talented Anushka Sharma, is also being produced by the esteemed company. The film centers around the inspiring life of Indian cricketer Jhulan Goswami, promising to be a treat for sports enthusiasts and movie lovers alike.

In a surprising turn of events, Anushka Sharma decided to step back from her active role in the production house in 2022. Citing her personal commitments, which included caring for her newborn child and focusing on her acting career, she chose to take a temporary hiatus. In a candid interview with the Indian Express, Karnesh Sharma opened up about his sister’s departure from the company they built together, emphasizing that Clean Slate Filmz will always be Anushka’s brainchild, an inseparable part of her journey. Karnesh also expressed optimism that the future might see her return, as the production house is as much hers as it is his, reflecting the unbreakable bond between the sibling entrepreneurs.