Here is everything you should know about Swaroop Sampat, the wife of Paresh Rawal, who was crowned Miss India in 1979.

On May 30, Paresh Rawal celebrated his 67th birthday. The actor is married to the renowned Indian actress Swaroop Sampat, who was crowned Miss India in 1979. Swaroop Sampat has appeared in numerous successful films and television shows, and her love story is as captivating as a plot from a Bollywood movie.

Who is Swaroop Sampat? 

Swaroop Sampat, born on November 3, 1958, is an Indian actress renowned for her performances in films such as “Naram Garam” and “Nakhuda,” as well as the television series “Yeh Jo Zindagi Hai.” Notably, she holds a Ph.D. and conducted her research at the University of Worcester, focusing on utilizing drama to improve life skills in children with learning disabilities.

Swaroop Sampat Miss India

After participating in the Miss India contest in 1979, Swaroop Sampat emerged victorious and went on to represent India at the Miss Universe pageant as well.

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Swaroop Sampat Career

Before enchanting the silver screen with notable films like “Naram Garam,” “Nakhuda,” “Himmatwala,” and “Karishma,” Swaroop Sampat honed her skills in theatre. However, it was her role in the popular television series “Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi” that catapulted her to fame.

Apart from her film career, Swaroop Sampat has also made notable appearances in television series such as “Yeh Duniya Gazab Ki,” “All the Best,” “Shanti,” and many others.

Swaroop and Paresh Rawal

Swaroop and Paresh Rawal’s love story is akin to a Bollywood film. Despite attending different colleges, Paresh was instantly smitten with Swaroop upon seeing her and boldly declared that he would marry her. Recounting their first meeting in an interview, Swaroop revealed that they crossed paths during an intercollege competition, and right from that initial encounter, Paresh expressed his intention to marry her. When Paresh shared this with his friend, who happened to work in Swaroop’s father’s company, the fact that she was the boss’s daughter did not deter Paresh in the slightest.

After dating for a duration of 12 years, from 1975 to 1987, the couple eventually tied the knot. Swaroop and Paresh Rawal have been happily married for 36 years and are blessed with two sons named Aditya and Anirudh.