Amidst the Intense Preparation for UPSC Prelims 2023, the Inspiring Story of IAS Vishal Kumar from Bihar’s Muzaffarpur District Shines Through. Despite Facing Dire Financial Struggles, Vishal Secured an Impressive 484-AIR in the UPSC Civil Services Exam 2021. Aspirants Draw Motivation from Such Accomplished IAS and IPS Officers on Their Journey Towards Success.

Who is IAS Vishal Kumar?

From a Small Village in Muzaffarpur, Bihar to UPSC Success: The Inspirational Journey of Vishal Kumar. After Losing His Father, a Daily Wage Worker, in 2008, Vishal’s Family Faced Dire Financial Struggles. But His Mother Reena Devi’s Determination to Make Ends Meet Through Goat and Buffalo Rearing, Coupled with His Late Father’s Belief in the Power of Education, Ignited a Flame of Resilience in Vishal That Led Him to Achieve Success in the UPSC Exam.

Despite his father’s passing, Vishal was determined to fulfill his dad’s wish. He topped his matriculation exam in 2011 and went on to get accepted into IIT Kanpur. After graduating, he landed a job at Reliance. Vishal’s teacher, Gauri Shankar, noticed that he was always an excellent student, but after his father’s death, he worked even harder to achieve success in the IAS. Finally, he succeeded and became an IAS officer.

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IAS Vishal Kumar attributes his success to his teacher

Vishal gives all the credit for his success to his family and his teacher, Gauri Shankar Prasad. According to Vishal, Gauri Shankar has been a tremendous help to him.