In an interview with Evo India, VS Reddy, the founder of British Biologicals, expressed that his childhood dream was to gather all the brands in the country.

Renowned for crafting luxurious automobiles, British car manufacturer Bentley has gained global popularity. The Bentley Mulsanne EWB Centenary Edition, recently sighted in Bengaluru, holds the distinction of being India’s priciest luxury car, with a staggering price tag of Rs 14 crore.

VS Reddy, the Managing Director of British Biologicals, possesses the exclusive Bentley Mulsanne EWB Centenary Edition, a limited edition model. Reddy, a connoisseur of luxury cars, has expressed his childhood dream of amassing all the automobile brands in the country, referring to Bentley as the Taj Mahal of cars in an interview with Evo India.

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V S Reddy, hailing from Karnataka, is the recipient of 52 National and International awards. He founded British Biologicals with a vision to offer cost-effective preventive nutrition solutions for individuals across various age groups.

British Biologicals, recognized as the ‘Protein people,’ is a research-based healthcare Nutraceutical company. Their range of products influences health and wellness, offering specialized nutritional solutions for pediatric, diabetic, gynecology, cardiovascular, hepatitis, and geriatric nutrition and healthcare needs.

Regarding the car owned by Reddy, it boasts an elegant Rose Gold shade and is equipped with luxurious features such as 21-inch polished alloy wheels, premium leather upholstery, rear quarter vanity mirrors, and lamb’s wool rugs.