Since its launch in 2007, News 24 has always gained popularity as a channel on which anchors deliver news in Hindi. While the owner of this channel is B.A.G. Films and Media Limited, Anurradha Prasad was the individual behind its promotion. But, when Anurradha was about to launch the news channel, she sought assistance from her husband, Rajeev Shukla, who is a politician. In this article we’ll discuss about News 24 News Anchors name and photos.

While News 24 progressed ahead, it featured news related to numerous topics. On the other hand, people have observed News 24 as a conglomerate that has deep interests in new media ventures, television broadcasting, education, and production. Besides presenting news in Hindi, the TV channel also presents many shows. These include Kalchakra, Sabse Bada Sawal, Rashtra Ki Baat, and Mahaul Kya Hai?

The List of News24 (Indian TV channel) News Anchors (As of 2023)

  1. Sandeep Chaudhary (संदीप चौधरी)
  2. Manak Gupta (मानक गुप्ता)
  3. Vishal Angrish (विशाल अंग्रिशो)
  4. Anurradha Prasad (अनुराधा प्रसाद)
  5. Asha Mishra (आशा मिश्रा)

News 24 Male Anchors List

Check out News 24 Male Anchor Name List with photo 2023– News 24 is nothing but a news channel that presents news on several topics. To know more about the male anchors working with News 24, you can read through this article.

Sr. NoNews 24 Male Anchors List
1Sandeep Chaudhary
2Manak Gupta
3Vishal Angrish
News 24 Male Anchors Name List

Sandeep Chaudhary


Mr. Sandeep Chaudhary is currently working as a news Anchor with News 24 for many years. But, before he joined the news channel, he was a news presenter with Doordarshan. He later resigned from Doordarshan due to some kind of issues. Apart from being a news anchor, Sandeep is also a C1 level trainer from Alliance Francaise, Delhi.

Manak Gupta


Through the years, Manak Gupta has always earned recognition as a journalist. While he is now working as an anchor and an Executive Editor with News 24, he also presents national issues through the show known as ‘Rashtra Ki Baat.’ But, in the past, the news anchor was recognized for his presentation and anchoring skills in the program, Sabse Bada Sawal. Besides, Manak was also acclaimed across the country for how he used to present his views and questions.

Vishal Angrish


Mr. Vishal Angrish is presently working with News 24 as an Associate Editor. But, before working with the news channel, he worked as a Sr. Correspondent with Zee News. In addition to being active as a new presenter, Vishal enjoys his time with his family and friends when he has free time.

News 24 Female Anchors List

Check out News 24 Female Anchor Name List with photo 2023 – News 24 is a news channel that presents news related to different arenas. To know more about female anchors, you can read through this article. 

Sr. NoNews 24 Female Anchors List
1Anurradha Prasad
2Asha Mishra
News 24 Female Anchors Name List

Anurradha Prasad

Anurradha Prasad Age

Anurradha Prasad has been a journalist and a writer for many years. But, before she promoted the news channel News 24, she started her career with ‘Money Matters,’ which is nothing but a business magazine. She also worked with the Press Trust of India in the year 1985. Moreover, as time passed by, Anurradha’s dream for television programs grew strong. Hence, she thought about establishing ‘BAG Films & Media Ltd.’ in 1985.

Asha Mishra


For many years, Asha Mishra had aspired to be a journalist and a news anchor. Now, she has been working with News 24 as a news anchor for quite some time. But, regardless of her busy routine, she always tries to be active on different social media platforms. Furthermore, Asha always likes to celebrate special occasions and festivals.


Who Is The Owner Of News 24?

Anuradha is the managing director of the media house. B.A.G. Films and Media Limited owns the news channel News 24. While the channel was launched in 2007, and it was promoted by none other than Anurradha Prasad.

Does News 24 Have A Website?

Yes, the Hindi news channel does manage a website. The name of the website is Apart from the main website, the news channel also publishes news on the site, visit

Does News 24 Have A Mobile App?

Yes, the news channel does have a mobile app. Once you go to the Play Store of the Android cell phone, you will come across the app by the name ‘News 24: Latest News In India’.

How Can You Watch The News On News 24?

Regardless of what you wish to watch, you can always check out the recent updates from the channel on Zee 5. Such a kind of OTT platform works well on types of devices such as your mobile phone and Smart TV.