Manak Gupta, born on 12 January 1981, is 43 years old and is currently working as a Senior Sports Anchor/Executive director for News 24. Manak Gupta began his career in journalism in 1998.

There is no information available about starting his career. Manak Gupta later began his career as a news anchor for News24. Manak Gupta seems to have excellent command over his shows’ news anchoring and hosting. In the beginning, he used to do the Bollywood actor/actress interview about their upcoming movies.

Now he hosts debates over various political and social issues with significant politicians and social activists on his prime-time show. Manak Gupta is Known for his excellent oratory skills and knowledge about Political and Social Issues.

Manak has worked with some leading Mass media organizations like Aaj Tak, Zee News, BBC (London), All India Radio, and Doordarshan.

Manak currently serves as the Deputy Executive Producer for News 24. Here, his primary responsibility includes:

  • Hosting the shows.
  • Fixing the time slot for his debate shows.
  • Deciding the show’s topics, which are relevant to ongoing topics.

Manak Gupta has a great responsibility, yet he does a great job as a news anchor. He is a dynamic and multi-tasker for the News 24 channel, and his deep insight into the various ongoing social issues helps him in ensuring that the TRP of the shows is always on the rise.

Biography of Manak Gupta

Manak Gupta was born on 12 January 1981 in a typical Hindu family. Little information is available regarding the beginning of his early life and his Family.

It is known that Manak Gupta was born in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, where he currently resides. Manak Gupta has only completed his schooling in Noida; no information is available regarding the school he attended.

Manak Gupta is said to be a great enthusiast of football. In the beginning, he also played professional football for some professional clubs. Manak had also played football for his college.

Full NameManak Gupta
Profession/ occupationAnchor/ Executive director
Age43 years
Date of Birth12 January 1981
Mother TongueHindi
Birth placeNoida, Uttar Pradesh
Mother’s NameUnknown
Father’s NameUnknown
Current AddressNoida, Uttar Pradesh
Personal Details of Manak

Physical Stats of Manak Gupta

Manak Gupta Gupta is not only known for his excellent oratory skills as a news Anchor but also has a very charming personality, which quickly attracts the audience’s attention. He, as a news Anchor, fits very handsomely in his cliche.

To know his Physical Stats, refer to the table given below:

Height in centimetres173 cm.
Height in meters1.73m.
Height in feet and inches5 feet 8 inches.
Weight in pounds149 lbs.
Hair colorBlack
Eye colourBlack
Body typeOval.
Shoe sizeN/A
Biceps size12 inches.
Triceps sizeN/A
Chest size40 inches
Waist36 inches
Physical Stats of Manak Gupta

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Early Life And Family

Manak Gupta was born in a Hindu family on 12 January 1981. He was born in a middle-class family in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

There is very much less known about his parents and his early life. There is no information available about which college he went to, but it is known that he was a scholar at the University of Delhi.

Manak has a Media and Entertainment diploma, forming his career base. During college, Manak Gupta acquired the skills required for journalism, and with each passing year, he is getting an excellent command over his job. 

CollegeDelhi University.
Degree/ graduationDiploma in Media and Entertainment
Father NameN/A
Mother’s NameN/A
Wife’s nameSheetal Gupta
Relationship StatusMarried
Family Details

Manak Gupta Net Worth And Salary

Manak Gupta is believed to have a net worth of $1.5 million (estimated), which is 12.2 crore in Indian Rupee. He currently lives in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, and Manak’s salary is expected to be upto 2.5 Lakh Rupee per month.

Net Worth$1.5 million (estimated)
Net Worth in Indian Rupee12.2 crores (estimated)
Manak Gupta Net Worth

Family Background And Upbringing

Manak Gupta shared his journey from a middle-class Hindu family. Manak’s father’s name, mother’s name, and even his siblings are still unknown among the mainstream public, and little is known about Manak’s upbringing. Manak has a keen interest in sports, especially football.

Manak spent a lot of time on the Football field in his early days; he did not know whether he wanted to pursue a career in football or play it for passion.

Manak’s Career As a News Anchor And Journalist

Manak Gupta is a TV Anchor/Executive Editor with an experience of over 22 years in Mass Media, and Doordarshan. He is currently a Senior Anchor and Executive Editor with News 24.

He has been part of evolving media. According to him, there has been a significant change in the Media industry in these 22 years. Journalism has evolved from print to digital media and is now becoming a more digital-orientated platform. Now you can reach many people through different digital platforms, and even ordinary people prefer to use mobile phones and digital devices to keep up to date on ongoing issues.

Manak says there is also a significant change in the media’s attitude toward delivering news these days compared to earlier days. Now, they deliver it from the perspective of entertaining the audience instead of presenting accurate facts in front of an expected audience. Yet, he is hopeful about the future of the journalism industry, and he thinks independent news platforms will play a significant role in changing the face of journalism.

Manak Gupta’s Married Life

Manak Gupta dated and married Sheetal Gupta. The year of their marriage is not known. Manak never publicly disclosed his past relationships and girlfriend, which remains unknown. The occupation or professional status and personal life of Sheetal Gupta remain unknown. There is also no information related to Manak Gupta’s son and daughter.

Favourite Things Of Manak Gupta

Manak Gupta loves to watch football matches, and his favourite player is Christiano Ronaldo; one of his favourite hobbies is reading books in his free time. Manak loves to play football on his weekend days. Manak loves to watch all sorts of movies, especially the mystery genre movies. Manak’s favourite actor is Sylvester Stallone. His favourite actress is not known. 

Favourite ActressN/A
Favourite ActorSylvester Stallone
Favourite WriterN/A
Favourite AnimalN/A
Favorite Actor of Manak Gupta

Manak Gupta, Career, Shows And Awards

Manak Gupta is one of India’s most popular News anchors/ Executive Editor,/ Social media head of News 24. Manak Gupta hosts the debate show ‘Rashtra Ki Baat‘ each day at 4.56 PM on News 24.

Source YouTube

Manak Gupta also interviewed some well-known Indian politicians and known people, such as  Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Aditya Nath Yogi, Home Minister of India Amit Shah, and Rakesh Tikait. Manak also interviewed the Prime Minister of India during his election campaign in 2019.

Source YouTube

It has been 22 years for Manak Gupta in the News industry, and it is still counting. He has a great love and respect for journalism, and he says he enjoys his profession.

Manak Gupta is an excellent news anchor. He hasn’t bagged any awards for his journalism yet. Still, if he continues his profession with great energy and enthusiasm, he will definitely be awarded and hold a special place for himself in the news industry.

Manak Gupta Social Media Profiles

official website


Manak Gupta’s popularity among mainstream people isn’t a hidden thing. Manak Gupta got a huge fan base of more than 18 thousand followers on Instagram. At the same time, he only follows 392 accounts, including some famous names like Neymar, Ronaldo, David Warner, Dwayne Johnson, Hardik PandyaAkshay Kumar, Narendra Modi, and Amit Shah. Manak has posted 847 posts, including his personal life, news shows, vacations etc.


Manak Gupta, from this Twitter account, receives a lot of love and support from his fans and audience. Manak has a massive following on Twitter, which is 804K. He used to tweet about his shows, opinions on social and political issues prevailing inside the nation, and upcoming shows on News24.

Manak follows 2291 Twitter accounts, including some famous Journalists like Rubika Liyaquat, Chitra Tripathi, Amish Devgan, Deepak Chaurasia, etc., and Bollywood stars- Ranganath Madhavan, Amitabh Bachchan, Sylvester Stallone. YouTube sensations such as Ashish Chanchalani. Indian politicians- Manoj Tiwari, Temjen Imana Along, etc.

YouTube Presence

Manak Gupta runs his show ‘Rashtra ki Baat’ through News 24 YouTube channel, which got a huge fan base on his YouTube channel and reached 15.9 million subscribers. Manak’ Rashtra ki Baat’ streamed daily from the News 24 YouTube channel; his YouTube stream got thousands and millions of views daily. In this ‘Rashtra ki Baat’, he works as a panellist and hosts a debate with various social activists and politicians over the issues of the common person.

Facts About Manak Gupta

  • Manak Gupta is also a gym freak, and he is very health conscious, prefers to go to the gym daily, and usually posts his workout pics on his Instagram and Twitter accounts.
  • Manak Gupta has a very keen interest in cricket also. While he has free time, these days he used to play cricket or football with his friends.
  • Manak Gupta also loves animals; he owns a dog and often shares his pictures while playing with him.
  • Manak interviewed famous Indian politicians like Manoj Tiwari, India’s PM Narendra Modi, Rakesh Tikait, Akhilesh Yadav, UP chief minister Adityanath Yogi, etc.


How Old Is Manak Gupta?

Manak Gupta is 43 years old.

Who Is Manak’s Favourite Soccer Player?

Manak Gupta said he would always be a great Ronaldo fan. He constantly admired Ronaldo’s focus, commitment, and hard work.

Who Are Manak’s Parents?

Manak Gupta never talked about his parents publicly or on screen. There is no information about his parents or childhood.

How Many Siblings Does Manak Gupta Have?

It remains unknown about Manak Gupta’s siblings, and no information is available regarding this.

Which News Channel Does Manak Work For?

Manak Gupta works for News24 as a Senior News Anchor/Executive Editor/social media head for News 24.

Who Is Manak Gupta’s Wife?

Manak Gupta is married to Sheetal Gupta, and the information regarding her occupation is unknown.

Where Did Manak Gupta Work Before News 24?

Manak Gupta also worked for BBC news and Aajtak. Manak later joined News 24, and now he hosts a show, ‘Rashtra ki Baat’ as a panellist at 4:57 PM every day live on News 24 and streamed on News 24 YouTube channel.

Is Manak Gupta On Social Media?

Manak Gupta has a massive following on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Manak also has his show ‘Rashtra ki Baat’ on YouTube on News 24.

Manak Gupta Had Graduated From Which University?

Manak graduated from Delhi University, where he pursued a Diploma in Media and Entertainment, which paved the way for Manak to pursue a career in journalism.

How Many Awards Does Manak Gupta Receive?

Manak Gupta is still waiting for his first award in Journalism; he is a very bright and intelligent news anchor and will win awards for his news anchoring in the future.

How Much Is Manak Gupta’s Net Worth?

Manak Gupta has a net worth of $1.5 million; if we calculate it in Indian money, it will go around 12.2 crores. His salary is expected to be upto 2.5 Lakh per annum.

Who Was Manak Gupta’s Girlfriend?

Manak Gupta never talked about his personal life on and off the screen. It might be personal to him, so it remains unknown.

Does Manak Gupta Have A Youtube Channel?

Manak Gupta does not own a YouTube channel, yet he streams his debate show ‘Rashtra ki Baat’ at 4:57 PM daily on News 24 YouTube channel. His shows got thousands and millions of views each day.