A pregnancy test is a question that keeps you bothered when you miss your period after having unprotected s*x. But not every woman would like to consult a doctor with one single hint.

So ladies, here we are for you with the Prega News Home Pregnancy Test Kit guide

Let’s check if it is really good news and calm down your curiosity. 

Prega News home pregnancy test kit is very easy to use.

Here you will learn,

When to Use Prega News Kit

Basically, when you miss your periods, or it’s late, that is when Prega News Home Pregnancy Test Kit helps to settle your doubts in just 5 minutes. 

Apart from missing periods, there are many other reasons why you should use Prega News Kit

They are,

  • When you have cramps after unprotected sex
  • If you are feeling different
  • If your breasts hurt
  • And last but not least, if your protection method has failed. 

Here, what we mean by missing your period, is not the very next day you have missed. So what is the right time?

Here they are:

  1. Around 10 days after you have missed your periods. 
  2. One or two weeks after you have had unprotected s*x.

So if your periods are late, this is the best time to check. 

There is a hormone called hCG ( Human chorionic gonadotropin ), and this hormone is the reason you have to wait for the pregnancy test. This hormone needs to be detected and it happens only after 7-12 days once the egg is fertilized and implanted in the uterus. Then after your hormone level starts to double every 48 hours. And at last, it helps to check accurate results. 

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If you will take the test too early, it might give you inaccurate or negative results even if you are pregnant because the hCG level might not be high enough. And you will be confused and stressed.

How to Use Prega News Kit

Prega News Kit is very quick and easy to use. It gives your 99.99% accurate results if you use it at the right time only. Prega News Home Pregnancy Kit is easily available at pharmacies and online stores, too. 

Prega News Kit contains 1 single pregnancy detection card, 1 disposable dropper, and silica gel to absorb the moisture for better testing.

Here is the step-by-step guide to using Prega News Kit at Home:

Step 1

Take the kit from the pouch and put it on a flat and dry surface. And do not keep the kit exposed for too long. So remove it from the pouch only when to use it. 

Step 2

Collect your first urine of the morning in a clean container. The urine which is held in the bladder for at least 3-4 hours is the best for the test.

Step 3

And with the help of a dropper, put exactly 3 drops of your urine on the Pregnancy Detection Stick.

Step 4

Make sure urine doesn’t spill on any other part of the device. And if that happens you can use silica gel to absorb moisture. And thus it will help for better testing. 

Step 5

Wait for 5 minutes and see the results.

Results Interpretation:

  • If your strip shows 2 pink lines, then congratulations!
  • If it shows 1 line, then sorry!
  • If you have seen 1 light pink line on the T
  • If one dark line and one pink line, that means you have not waited for enough hCG, as we discussed above. So take a break and after a week or so retake the test. 

This goes without saying that if you have got negative results and still haven’t got your period then it is also time to go to the doctor.

Positive and Negative Results


End Note

On an end note, The Prega News Home Pregnancy Test Kit is a convenient and easy-to-use tool for women who want to determine whether they are pregnant without consulting a doctor. The kit can provide accurate results when used correctly at the right time. However, it is important to remember that this kit should not replace professional medical advice, especially if you have concerns or doubts about your pregnancy.