Electric Fireplace Positioning Ideas to Match Your Home’s Style and Decorating scheme

The modern electric fireplace can be a great conjunction with your home along with regards to appearance and comfort. Along with being affordable, there is a ton associated with placement options plus designs to match your home.

Exactly where you decide in order to mount your electrical fireplace will be exactly where you want this particular additional source associated with heat, along with the design plus décor in your own home.

Therefore, in order to help inspire a person when shopping with regard to electric fireplaces, right here are some wall-mounted fireplace ideas in order to consider.

Modern Electric Fireplaces

Electric fireplace technology has enhanced over the many years, leading to beautiful, effective fireplaces that create suitable additional heating sources within the home.

These types of fireplaces have fake logs or ornamental fire glass plus flames that look like an actual fire, yet without all the particular ash, mess, plus maintenance of the wood-burning fireplace.

These days , you could find electric fireplaces that may definitely be mounted nearly anywhere in the house without worrying regarding gas lines, airflow, or building program code regulations that arrive with installing gasoline and wood-burning fireplaces. With an electrical fireplace, simply discover an electrical store, plug it within, and begin enjoying the particular heat and atmosphere of the fireplace in no period.

Just be certain in order to follow the electric fireplace buying guide. The professionals set  up the fireplace so that you can ensure it’s set up correctly and securely.

Along with positioning flexibility, electric fireplaces are secure, efficient, plus cost-effective options with regard to supplemental heating within the home. Plus they are available in a variety of designs to fit personal choices and interior planning demands.

Wall-Mounted Fireplace Location Ideas

Wall-mounted electric fireplaces are mounted, and the degree of the unit, an individual can do the installation on an eye-level height just like a wall-mounted TELEVISION SET or a painting like a pro.

Also, you can mount these kinds of fireplaces on some sort of hearth and mantel for a time-honored fireplace look, adjoining it with veneer stone, tile systems, or other fireside materials to go with the structure and personnel of the home.

Wall-mounted fireplaces come in both lateral and vertical patterns. Vertical fireplaces have less wall membrane space, so these are generally well suited to get mounting on scaled-down walls.

Common spots for installing modern-day electric fireplaces include things like living areas, office buildings, dens, basements, master bedrooms, bathrooms, patios, together with even garages.

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Above Typically the Couch

When installed above the settee, you can get pleasure from the extra ambiance and coziness by sitting near the electric fireplace on cold winter days and nights. Hanging the open fireplace above the settee also helps to get the design focal level.

In the Community Center Area

If the home has some sort of sitting or community center area which has a husband and wife of chairs, the fireplace is some sort of welcome addition to be able to this space. A person can curl upward by having a book, the morning cup associated with coffee or tea, or having a conversation with the loved one although sitting in the entrance of the hot glow of your own fireplace.

As the Focal Point within the Living Room

Rather than possessing a TELEVISION as the center point in your dwelling room, you are able to install an electric fireplace and have this be the center associated with attention. More usually are choosing to change their particular TVs with fireplaces for a stylish design trend considering that fireplaces are stunning focal points that will provide a hot and welcoming atmosphere.

Above or Under the TV

If you are definitely not ready to eliminate the TV from the lounge room, you can easily mount the open fireplace above or down below the TV. Just simply make certain to mount the fireside on a safe, advised distance from typically the TV (usually doze to 24 inches) to stop overheating typically the TV.

Electric fireplaces are also given by TV as an acronym. These fireplace-TV unit units are efficient and assembled space-saver/storage units to get limited spaces.

To be a Small Detail

To get rooms with constrained wall space, an individual can mount an electric fireplace as an aspect that sticks out. Think of installing the fireside on a scaled-down wall that is an acronym out structurally, or perhaps that is handcrafted in diverse colors.

In the Particular Bathroom

An electrical fireplace will add heat and relaxation in order to your bathroom, specifically on chilly wintertime mornings. But in order to ensure the fireplace is safely set up, choose an electric fireplace that is graded for use within bathrooms along with other moisture-rich areas.


In conclusion, electric fireplaces have become increasingly popular as a stylish and efficient heating source for homes. With advancements in technology, they are now available in a wide range of designs and styles to match any interior decor. Wall-mounted electric fireplaces provide flexibility in terms of placement and can be installed almost anywhere in the house without worrying about ventilation or gas lines.