When you come across think memes, they draw inspiration from the functioning of the human mind. With the use of logic and the sense of feelings, meme lovers have seen much fun creating memes. The overall design always captures the thoughts in some situations. So, as you read ahead, you will learn more about think memes and the top 15 memes that are popular in the online world.

What are Think Memes all about?

When you observe a think meme, it represents the thought process and the reactions. Such graphics can present logical thinking, anxiety, problem-solving, and even confusion. Most of the time, the think memes try to speak more about a particular situation. While it presents the thought process, it will bring a humorous effect. The animated show Invincible offers a new meme in the current era.

Among the hilarious memes, ‘Think Parker by Unknown’ is on the top list. As you watch this meme closely, it depicts an actor in Invincible. While you will observe the meme in many animated movies, it is famous for the role of J.Jonah Jameson, which nobody has forgotten to date. When the characters appear on the screen, it not only makes the experience exciting but also thrilling.

How do people use Think Memes?

When individuals need to express their thoughts, they use such memes. While such memes describe the situation, it elaborates on it with a dash of humor. With this in mind, let’s check out a few examples of Think Memes.

Example #1

When you view the character, Pocahontas, with his hair blowing away freely due to the wind, it conveys a different meaning. The meme means that people have to be perfect day after day. But, the situation they are going through can make them awkward ahead.

Example #2

In this example, you can imagine a baby raising his eyebrow with confusion spread across his face. As you view the meme closely, the person has to learn everything from the start. But, you will encounter some smart individuals who believe in everything their parents speak about.

Example #3

When you create a meme with an unusual character, it can mean something different. For instance, if you view a velociraptor dinosaur in the image with its chin in the air, it can convey a different thought. The image means that it is gazing at some point and is thinking about something deeply. 

There are many think memes you will find online, and here’s the list of the ones which have always been famous. 

Black guy thinking meme

Can't be Done, If you're Too Scared To
Can’t be Done, If you’re Too Scared To

Among a vast collection of think memes, you will find this meme with Reece Simpson as the character. Over time, such a meme became quite popular and was considered a reaction image later.

Philosoraptor Think Meme

Philosoraptor Think Meme

If you’re seeking a think meme with a weird animal, check out such a kind of meme. While the think meme depicts a dinosaur’s face, it conveys the message of being cool. Once you go through the meme, you will understand why it’s just a paradox.

Think of You meme

Think of You meme

When you view this think meme, it depicts the joy of thinking about someone. You can imagine the reaction on someone else’s face when you spot a furry dog or a monkey thinking deeply.

Genius Level Thinking meme

Genius Level Thinking meme

If you have no clue what a genius-level thinking meme is all about, it’s better to check the blank templates on Imgflip. Once you scroll past the blank templates, you can observe Einstein posing for a candid snap.  

Think man think meme

You Knew I had the high ground Think

Whenever you view this meme on your computer screen, it will show a muscular man who is angry and is trying to defend someone else. As you portray the scene, you can recapitulate an animated character that you will see in television shows.

Thug Life

Thug Life

When gathering inspiration for the latest fashion trend, you must go through the meme, Thug life. This theme appears funny because it compares a man wearing a bandana with a dog wearing a piece of cloth around his head. 

A Cat In His Element

A Cat In His Element

This think meme always makes you laugh with spectacles precariously balancing on the cat’s nose. Eventually, the image speaks about how the cat looks cute and whether you’re not looking weird for an occasion.

Dog running across a garden

Dog running across a garden

You can imagine what the think meme will convey just by the name. In the image, you will see a dog running across a garden. Also, the meme means that it’s better to face an expected incident than an awkward situation.

The Matrix Is Real

The Matrix Is Real

This think meme speaks about believing in everything that you have to believe. Unlike other memes, the image is simple and depicts a face of a boy in surprise. It also conveys the willingness to learn from circumstances and pace ahead with life-changing truth.

Thinker meme

Now What Am I supposed to Do

As the name implies, it’s obvious what this think meme means. Apart from showing a person thinking deeply, there are many other themes in which a character is thinking over a cup of coffee. You will also find some memes with a thinking man, which is nothing but a bronze sculpture in Paris.

They Go Round and Round, You Say?

They Go Round and Round, You Say?

While this think meme will capture your attention due to the baby’s face, it conveys something else. Infants are not capable of understanding what adults say or do, and hence, everything will appear strange to them when they start interacting with individuals around them. 

Spiderman thinking meme

Spiderman thinking meme

Spiderman holding his head with both hands shows how frustrated he feels with the problems of his creation. The image conveys that whether the problems seem big or small, most of them arise when you create them. 

No, I don’t think I will meme

No, I don’t think I will meme

This think meme refers to a quote from the 2019 film, Avengers: Endgame. While Steve Rogers had said the sentence in the movie, the image represents refusal when someone asks you a certain question.

Complex Password meme

Complex Password meme

This meme portrays a pensive lady trying to think of ways to reveal a mystery. As you browse the internet, you will find some passwords that are tough to crack, which answer the biggest equation mysteries. 

Thinking Emoji meme

Thinking Emoji meme

Last on the list; we have the thinking emoji meme. As you closely observe the name, it’s evident that the image depicts an emoji you will use while sending instant messages. You can also perceive the meme as a representation of a confused person, as you will observe a skewed frown.

What is the approach for creating think memes?

Before you decide to create a think meme, you can gain some inspiration from social media posts and the images on GIPHY. Now, let’s go through the steps you must follow to create a think meme.

Step 1: When you’re about to make a think meme, you must develop an idea. But, if you’re running out of ideas, you can think about something funny.

Step 2: You will have to seek certain images and include your caption at this step. You can either select an image from the collection presented online or use a template that you can transform quickly. Without changing the format, you can also think about uploading some more images.

Step 3: Now, open a web-based tool and choose the image from the template. As soon as you select the Meme Option, you have to drag the image into the placeholder.

Step 4: As you confirm the image, you can add some text to the meme. Most of the time, you must add text in bold and capital letters, focusing on creating an effect with a strong black outline. Later, you can change the text size and position to portray the think meme.

Step 5: Towards the end, you have to save the think meme and upload the image on Gmail or any social media site. You can even think about sharing the think meme with your friends or co-workers.

Should businesses post think memes?

When you’re completely aware of a company’s work culture, think memes can be a great way of communicating something differently. Moreover, such memes can introduce fun when teams work hard in the workplace.

Is it legal to create think memes?

Creating something unique from an already existing image comes under derivative work. However, the copyright owner only has the right to create a think meme.

Can you create memes from a set of new photos or existing memes?

Yes, you will not face any issues when creating a meme from an existing one. But, if you wish to create a think meme right from scratch, you can use an online tool. To learn more about the steps, you can also check out the online videos.

What are the different tools used to create think memes?

When creating a think meme for the first time, you can use an online tool. As you surf the internet, you will come across many online tools. So, let’s check out the tools individuals often use to create think memes.


When you Imgflip, the meme generator is quite fast. On the other hand, you can create memes easily, even on your mobile phone. You only have to upload the images of your choice and creatively create a meme.


When you wish to create a meme apart from a Think Mark think meme, you can always use Adobe. As you browse the website, you can choose from many blank templates. With practice, you can also add a personal touch to the available templates on the website.


When you’re thinking about what the audience will enjoy viewing, you can use Invideo as a think meme generator. But, before you proceed ahead, you only have to research the type of content you want to post online.

Make a Meme

When you want to make hilarious memes, you must try out Make a Meme. As you skim through the website, you search for numerous memes depending on what you want to depict. After typing keywords in the search bar, you can even look for blank memes.


When you’re seeking the best meme generator, you can count on Canva. As soon as you navigate the site, you can browse through a library of meme templates. You can also select suitable stock images that can make the meme funny. Additionally, you can think about including icons and speech bubbles when you’re creating the think memes.


When you seek the best way to make memes from videos and images, you can do it in a few clicks through Kapwing. You can also make something unique as you go through the collection in the ‘Trending’ section. You will find a perfect template that depicts animated characters or something as per the current news headlines.

Tips to consider while creating think memes

If you want to create share-worthy think memes, then here are some tips you must follow.

  • If you want the think meme to become popular on different websites, you can post it on those sites where people spend most of their time daily.
  • When you are still unsure about the text for the meme, it must be relatable and short. You can even set the context in the social media post and use the think meme as a ‘Follow Up.’ Apart from everything else, it’s better to use text which is easy to read and is in large font.
  • When choosing suitable images, you can check out sites for free images. But, before you download any image, ensure that it is royalty-free. You also have to check the permissions and whether you can use the image for the post.
  • If you create a think meme for your business, try to associate it with the brand. While the meme will receive many likes from the audience, it will also clearly convey what the company is about to offer.
  • When you’re not aware of the sites where the memes are most popular, you can check out the current trends on various websites. You can consider checking out the think memes on Instagram, Twitter, The Next Meme, and several other websites.

 FAQs around think memes!

In a nutshell!

You can create popular think memes with a creative bent of mind. If you’re running out of any ideas, you can relate the meme with something prevalent in the world. You can think about using free templates if you’re not good at designing the memes. But, to make the think meme stand out among other posts, you can insist that the graphics designer thinks out-of-the-box.