In the world of high-profile names like Isha Ambani, Shloka Mehta, and Radhika Merchant, Khrisha Shah, a member of the Ambani family, might not be as well-known, but her story is worth exploring. She is the sweetheart of Jai Anmol Ambani, the son of Anil Ambani and Tina Ambani.

Khrisha Shah: A Profile

Khrisha Shah, originally from Mumbai, has carved her own path as an entrepreneur and social worker. Growing up as the youngest child of Neelam and Nikunj Shah, she earned a degree in Political Economics from the University of California. Later, she furthered her studies in Social Policy and Development at the London School of Economics.

Khrisha began her professional journey at Accenture in the UK before returning to India to launch her own venture. Her brainchild, Dysco, is a unique social networking company that focuses on “Creative Collaboration, International Networking, and Community Building.” Notably, during the COVID-19 pandemic, she initiated the #Lovenotfea campaign, emphasizing mental wellness.

Meet Khrisha Shah

Love and Life

Khrisha Shah’s love story with Jai Anmol Ambani culminated in a grand wedding on February 20, 2022, in Mumbai. Jai Anmol Ambani is the elder son of the renowned business magnate Anil Ambani. The engagement of the couple took place in December 2021, a prelude to their opulent wedding celebration. The event attracted prominent figures from the business and entertainment industries, transforming it into a star-studded affair.

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Family Ties

Khrisha Shah’s family background reveals a history of success and creativity. Her late father, Nikunj Shah, held the roles of chairman and managing director at Nikunj Enterprises, a successful Mumbai-based business. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2021, leaving behind a legacy of accomplishment.

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Khrisha’s mother, Neelam Shah, is a notable fashion designer who rekindled her passion for the craft in collaboration with her older daughter, Nriti, in 2010. Neelam had initially pursued fashion studies at Mumbai’s Sophia College before marrying businessman Nikunj Shah. Notably, she worked as a fashion designer for an export company prior to her marriage.

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Khrisha’s elder sister, Nriti, has made a name for herself as a fashion blogger with an impressive following of 90.1k on Instagram. Her content revolves around beauty, fashion, and travel topics. On the other hand, Khrisha’s older brother, Mishal, manages both their father’s company and a start-up venture. He serves as the COO of Dysco, a business co-founded by Khrisha, where she holds the position of CEO. Mishal is also a director at Nikunj Group, their father’s company.

In a world of well-known names, Khrisha Shah’s journey shines as an example of individual success and dedication, making her a unique member of the Ambani family.