Most kids worry about their grades and making friends at school. But there are some really special kids in India who, while studying in classes 6 and 8, became the youngest co-founders and CEOs of a company.

Meet Shravan and Sanjay Kumaran, two brothers who are like super-smart kids. When they were just 10 and 12 years old, they created a company called GoDimensions from their home in Chennai. Sanjay was like the boss (CEO), and Shravan was the President. 

In a few years, they made seven mobile apps that became famous in more than 50 countries and were used by thousands of people.

Their dad, Kumaran Surendran, inspired them to love programming when they were very little. They learned a lot from him and started playing with computers when they were just four years old. 

Shravan and Sanjay with his Parents
Image Source: India Today

The first app they made was a game called “Catch Me, Cop,” which was like the Indian game of ‘chor-police’. They also made other cool apps like an education app called “Alphabet Board,” an emergency service app called “Emergency Booth,” a prayer app, and some fun games like “Superhero” and “Car Racing.” They even made 150 test apps!

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Later, these smart brothers went to Texas A&M University in the US and got degrees in computer science. Now, Shravan works as a Software Developer for Salesforce in San Francisco, and Sanjay is a Software Engineer intern at Microsoft, according to their LinkedIn profiles. They are awesome.