News18 India is known to be a television channel in the Indian Media industry. While the television channel was launched in 2005, it was acquired later in 2006 by Network18.

Moreover, the team of IBN7 was responsible for rebranding News18 India. But, the Indian television channel became known by its current name in 2016. Later, the entire team of News18 India was happy to launch the live version of the channel on the UK’s platforms like Sky TV.

Soon after the digital platform launch, News18 India set new standards in the South Asian Media industry. As professionals work together to offer a dynamic blend of programming, it shows the interests of highly engaged individuals worldwide.

List of News18 Anchors – Name List Female and Male (2023)

  1. Amish Devgan
  2. Kishore Ajwani
  3. Prateek Trivedi
  4. Vinay Sarawagi (Former)
  5. Neha Pant
  6. Preeti Raghunandan
  7. Priya Chauhan
  8. Hareem Farooqui (Former)

News18 India Male Anchor Name List

Check out News18 India Male Anchor Name List with Photo 2023 – News18 India is one of the popular news channels in India which presents the news in Hindi. Read ahead to learn more about the male anchors working with News18 India.

Amish Devgan


Amish Devgan is 42 years old (as of 2022) and has been working with News18 India for many years. But, before commencing his journey with News18 India, he gained some experience working with the channel Zee Media. Moreover, the news anchor has also worked with the Hindustan Times and IBN7.

Kishore Ajwani

Kishore Ajwani

Kishore Ajwani is a 44-year-old news anchor (as of 2022). He was born and brought up in New Delhi. Kishore Ajwani is presently working as a Managing Editor with News18 India.

But, before starting his career in journalism, Amish initially worked with Punsumi India Ltd. for two years. After that, Kishore worked with news channels like DD Sports, ABP News, and Zee News.

Prateek Trivedi

Prateek Trivedi Age

As of 2022, Prateek Trivedi is a Sr. Editor with the news channel News18 India. While people recognize him for live reporting, he is also known for being an anchor. Beyond everything else, Prateek has also won many awards for numerous shows. Before joining News18 India, Prateek worked with channels like Aaj Tak and INDIA TV.

Vinay Sarawagi (Former)

Vinay Sarawagi (News Anchor)

As of 2022, Vinay Sarawagi is Senior Vice President at Times Network. Before joining the Times Network, Vinay Sarawagi worked with News18 India for more than five years. While carrying out his responsibilities with the News18 India channel, he worked as an Executive Editor.

On the other hand, before commencing his journalism career, Vinay worked with Thomas Reuters as a correspondent. As Vinay grew up in childhood, he completed his early education at a good school.

News18 India Female Anchor Name List

Check out the News18 India Female Anchor name list with Photo 2023 — News18 India is one of the popular news channels in India which presents the news in Hindi. Read ahead to learn more about the female news anchors working with News18 India.

Neha Pant

Neha Pant

At present, Neha Pant is 33 years old, and she is working with News18 India as a news anchor. But, when she completed her higher studies, she started working with Star News in 2012. Apart from her stint at Star News, Neha has also worked as an intern with the Lok Sabha Channel. Through the years, Neha was known for her confidence and style in presenting the news.

Preeti Raghunandan

Preeti Raghunandan

Preeti Raghunandan has worked with News18 India since 2012. But, before working with the news channel, she worked with channels like Total TV and Punjab Today. In fact, she started her career with Punjab Today soon after completing her studies.

As Preeti became popular due to her presentation skills, she received many awards for delivering news and for being the host of several shows. Besides receiving the Aadhi Aabadi award in 2016, Preeti was honoured with the “Star Performer of the Year” award. In 2022, she was recognised as the best anchor for presenting news in Hindi.

Priya Chauhan

Priya Chauhan

Priya Chauhan has been working with News18 India for more than four years. Moreover, Priya is also known for her skills when she presents herself for special shows and the show, ‘Bhabhi Tera Devar Deewana.’ Apart from her usual experience, you will also come across Priya hosting the “Comedy Nights Live” show.

Hareem Farooqui (Former)

Hareem Farooqui (Former)

Born in a Muslim family, Hareem Farooqui is always recognised for her presentation skills while working with News18 India. As of 2022, Hareem works at Zee Media as a Multimedia Producer.

Moreover, before joining Zee Media, Hareem worked with the News18 India news channel for over ten years. While she was responsible for interviewing many celebrities, she also involved herself in creating scripts.


Does the team at News18 India manage a website?

Yes, the name of the website of News18 India is News18 Once you navigate the official website, you will come across news across different sections.

How can you connect with the team working at News18 India?

If you wish to get in touch with one of the team members of News18 India, you can contact an individual at +91-120-4341818. You can also think about sending an email to [email protected] if you have any suggestions in mind.

Who is the current owner of News18 India?

Originally known as CNN-IBN, News18 India was founded by Raghav Bahl, who stays in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Presently, the news channel owners are Warner Bros and the Network18 Group.