As technology advances, so does people and their attention towards new things and trends, hence the constantly changing landscape in probably every field out there. Streaming is no exception from this, and trends in streaming are also changing.

The video streaming service has become a giant and after the pandemic, the world has witnessed a growth like never before. People were confined to their homes and streaming was their only way to escape.

There has been no stop in growth in the trajectory since.

However, there are some new trends emerging in this industry and it has something to do with the use of video streaming even in the corporate world. There is a lot to unravel, but let’s get one thing straight. No one is getting anywhere in streaming without a high-speed internet service at their disposal. This makes the need for quality services, and affordable options such as ATT Internet quite indispensable.

The trends are ever-evolving but for now, when it comes to video streaming, the following are the latest ones you need to be on the lookout for.

1. Cashing Out the 80s & 90’s Nostalgia

We all know that some excellent titles were airing on TV back in the late 1900s and Millennials, Gen Z, and Alpha all alike have been thinking of all that they have missed out on. However, not all has been lost yet.

The streaming services are heading towards what seems like a season of reboots. More like hitting their chance of cashing on the nostalgia and considering the recent releases; they are succeeding.

Veronica Mars reboot? Hit.

Cobra Kai? Hit.

The Baby-Sitters Club also hit all the right notes due to their setting in the late 1900s.

2. SVOD vs. AVOD – The Latter’s Winning!

The subscription-based model of video streaming was garnering sole attention until the ad-supported model came forth.

Yes, streaming is convenient. You just pay a small amount monthly and enjoy your favorite content, but many people are not willing to pay even the smallest amount. For people like such, the ad-supported model surely stands out.

There is no loss, to be honest. Sitting through some advertisements never harmed anyone. Several prominent streaming platforms such as Hulu+, Paramount+, and many more are now offering ad-supported tiers for those who want to enjoy streaming but do not mind some ads.

However, it is important to note that on such tiers not all titles are available. This does come as a drawback, but in the bigger picture, this model is gaining good support.

3. Minting on Franchises

Just like we still run to the cinemas to watch the new sequel to Fast & Furious despite us criticizing the unreal stunts and so much more, similarly the video streaming services are not turning to minting the existing franchises.

Be it now diving into the video game franchises (The Last of Us; the most recent example), hit novels by Tom Clancy (Yes we are talking about Jack Ryan).

Lord of the Rings spin-offs, Star Wars spin-offs, well the list is never-ending.

Talking about Marvel spin-offs, – Disney+ is leading the mark on that.

4. Weekly Episodes (Cable TV Much?)

This part of streaming services surely takes us back to the days of cable TV. Where the episodes would be released weekly and we had to wait patiently.

We all know this was not the case for streaming platforms in the beginning. All the platforms would drop entire seasons in one episode. The concept of binge-watching was brought forward. However, now it seems quite far-fetched. There are only a handful of titles left that the entire show releases at once, but for the majority we need to be patient and wait week over week for new episodes.

It also feels a little comedic now. We ran away from cable TV for the reasons of being able to watch TV shows at our pace but we are kind of stuck all over again.

5. Rise in Global Content

One thing is amazing, the streaming platforms are becoming a global space. With the Asian dramas taking over Netflix, there is nothing much left to say.

Other than Netflix, more streaming platforms are also turning to content from all around the globe and making entertainment easy for all to enjoy. This has increased competition and we are hoping for even better content to keep us busy!

Wrapping Up

The trends in streaming services are also changing and only time will tell more about what other things we will be settling for. So far we are now once again okay with ads, (ad-supported tiers), and weekly episodes. Let’s see what’s more to come.